Elizabethan Era and Victorian Age: Two Golden Periods of Europe

There are two eras in Europe, which are termed as the golden periods. The first one was the Elizabethan period, and the other one was the Victorian Era. Both these era gave some wonderful contributions to the continent.

One of the similarities between these two eras was that England and some other nations were being led by a female monarch. Queen Elizabeth I would rule England in the Elizabethan era, and Queen Victoria was the monarch in the period, which is known as the Victorian Era today.

When Queen Elizabeth was ruling the nation, the renaissance era was going on the Europe. This was the period, when a great flourish in the art and culture were being witnessed. Sculpture, painting, new-age renaissance clothing and a lot more things came in the limelight during this era. Some great personalities of all the times were also born in Europe during this period, such as Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Isabella d’Este and a lot more.

On the other hand, the Victorian period was the era of industrialization. Several new industries were being established during this era, which impacted on people’s lifestyles. Similar to the special clothing of the renaissance age, the excellent Victorian costumes had attracted the attention of the people.

Another thing, which was similar in both these eras, was new-age science and technologies. The scientific revolution in Europe was started in 1500 A.D., which was the commencement of the renaissance age also. This revolution paved the way for the modern times and it will not be wrong to say that a number of today’s technological achievements are the results of the seeds sown during that era. Besides, a lot of explorations of the third world were also witnessed during this era. Similarly, several new technological advancements could be witnessed in the Victorian Era also. Among them, the most popular one was the steam engine. The craze of the people about the steam engines reached the extent that some authors wrote the science fiction novellas in which all the futuristic technologies run through the steam energy. Some modern era films have also been produced on the same concept that gave birth to the new era fashion outfits known as the steampunk dresses. The authors, who wrote some great science fiction novellas, include H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.

Some science fiction trends could be witnessed in the renaissance age also but in the different ways. Famous polymath Leonardo da Vinci made some portraits of the technologies, which were not discovered during the renaissance age. His painting of flying machines made centuries ago from the inventions of the real flying machines known as airplanes or aeroplanes today is the perfect instance in this respect. Besides, he also provided studies on various subjects of science and technology.

There is no doubt in the fact that both these golden eras will be proved to be the subject of inspiration for the people for centuries.

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